Meeting & Voting

ELIGO eVoting is now in Webex

Legal and anonymous online voting in the Webex.

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The added value of ELIGO in Webex meetings

Legal Vote

Vote legally while interacting with the other participants.

Privacy and security

Secret and anonymous vote. Compliance with privacy laws.

Real time results

No need to wait too long. Voting results are instant.

Meeting and Voting in one place

Forget the silos. ELIGO lets you legally vote in a few clicks during your Webex Meetings.

ELIGO eVoting and Webex: Vote on the ballot available.
ELIGO eVoting and Webex: Read the ballot details.
ELIGO eVoting and Webex: Choose the preferences.

Vote on the ballot available.

Read the ballot details.

Choose the preferences.

ELIGO eVoting and Webex: Confirm your selection.
ELIGO eVoting and Webex: Your vote has been registered.
ELIGO eVoting and Webex: thanks for voting

Confirm your selection.

Your vote has been registered.

Thanks for voting.

Why use ELIGO


Speed up decision making

Secret and anonymous vote

Offer an integrated meeting & voting experience

The future of online voting is here. With ELIGO and Webex.

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