Webinar & Workshop

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An opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the world of electronic voting and online assemblies.

Digital Innovation in Trade Union Participation and RSUs.
Comparison on the impact of digitization from the perspective of cost and participation in union meetings and RSU voting.
Those who claim that electronic voting has no legal basis are out of date
Is digital voting for corporate elections really legal? What is the state of the art of electronic and online voting in the Company and what do Unions think about it?
Assembly 2023: 3 ways to save time and budget up to 85% with digital voting
How to save up to 85 percent on voting and assemblies in terms of time and budget compared to traditional systems.
3 ways to simplify online, in-person, or hybrid member assembly
How to simplify every stage of setting up the assembly of members-from convening to taking minutes-thanks to digital voting.
Saving money for the municipality and respecting the citizen's digital rights
How to foster turnout and citizen involvement with an eye toward inclusiveness and transparency.
Eligo eVoting Workshop for Schools
Features and potential of Eligo eVoting for Schools: from setting up a ballot to automatic ballots through voter and candidate management.
School as a place of democracy: in-person and online electronic voting for school voting
How to manage school voting quickly, cheaply, and securely while increasing the involvement and participation of teachers, parents, students, and staff?
Eligo for Business: organizing RSU/RLS elections.
How to fully organize and manage union-supported RSU/RLS elections.
In-person and hybrid voting and assemblies with Eligo
How to flexibly manage remote, in-person, and hybrid elections with electronic and online voting?
Eligo Voting VS Eligo Assembly
What are the potentials, features and differences between Eligo Voting and Eligo Assembly.
Electronic voting in online, in-person, and hybrid conferences
How to run a congress with voting easily and centrally, saving time and increasing turnout and participation.
Members' meeting to approve the budget with electronic voting
How to set up a Meeting to approve the budget or financial statements in a few clicks - online, hybrid or in-person.