Electronic and online voting for Cooperatives.

CFT Client Testimonial
Being able to vote by simply pulling your smartphone out of your pocket encouraged the high turnout of our members. Thanks to ELIGO Extended Assembly, we achieved a great participation result.
Leonardo Cianchi, CFT Cooperative Society

For an effective technological leap and digital transition, ELIGO eVoting offers Cooperatives a solution that enables broad user participation, overcoming physical and geographic limitations with obvious savings in time, budget and resources.

With the ELIGO system, Cooperatives are able to organize and manage with agility and in just a few steps voting and statutory assemblies, online, hybrid or in-person, budget and financial statement approvals, and approval of Agenda Items (OG). All this takes place thanks to a computerization of the election process that digitally reproduces all the features of the classic voting experience, in total compliance with the industry's high standards of Security and Privacy.

The benefits obtained.


The needs of Cooperatives


With 20 years of experience and know-how, ELIGO eVoting, a cloud and web-based online and electronic voting platform, can meet any election needs for Cooperatives such as:

  • Funding and ordinary members
  • Multiple concurrent assemblies
  • Transfer of voting weights
  • Management of Delegations (joint and disjoint)


ELIGO is a tailor-made system with customizable support and management services-from the ability to conduct online, polling station, or hybrid voting to the voter authentication and identification process.

Average percentage of turnout and participation in Cooperatives with ELIGO eVoting.

More democracy, more transparency with electronic and online voting


Member participation in representative decisions and elections is the fundamental basis of the Cooperative. Increased member involvement encourages participatory and direct democracy, and the adoption of an electronic and online voting platform is a choice for transparency, inclusiveness, and innovation.

Voting secrecy and privacy management with GDPR compliance


The ELIGO system has all the technological safeguards to ensure the highest standards of Privacy and Security, which are also constantly validated by third-party certified bodies.

What ELIGO votes/variants.



  • Typical online voting for associations:
  • Election of association governing boards, BODs.
  • Elections of governing bodies of Associations
  • Referendum
  • Consultations



  • Statutory votes in the assembly
  • Budget approvals, financial statements
  • Approval of Agenda Items