Electronic and online voting for municipalities

Organizing Public Consultations, Referendums, Neighborhood Councils, City Councils and drafting participatory budgeting online, digitizing the process and thus saving time, resources and budget, is an increasingly popular mode of operation among municipalities.

With an electronic and online voting system, municipal governments can take advantage of centralized management and set-up of their elections, create their election event in just a few clicks, and obtain immediate results and ballots, lowering any level of complexity and costs related to organization.

In addition, the electronic and online system ensures a significant increase in citizen participation because eligible voters can vote from anywhere and any device, easily, securely, and with legal value.

The benefits obtained.


Innovation and engagement for municipalities


Enabling citizens to participate in decision-making processes is the first step toward effective digital democracy. ELIGO eVoting - simple and intuitive cloud and web-based electronic and online voting platform - enables municipalities to cover all electoral needs such as Municipal Councils, Participatory Budgeting, Neighborhood Councils, Referendums etc., effectively fostering citizen engagement with a view to inclusiveness, transparency and Smart City thanks to a totally impartial voting system. ELIGO thus offers a technology to create a bridge between communities and municipal governments.

One Platform, Endless Possibilities


Realizing the complexities of organizing online, in-person, or hybrid voting, we have standardized and digitized the process of creating and setting up election events to make it easy and user-friendly for organizers and voters.
The platform's multiple functionalities ensure that both small and large municipalities can manage votes and assemblies in just a few clicks, saving budgets and resources and increasing participation and turnout through flexible voting arrangements.

Legality, Security, Privacy


According to the Judgment of the Ordinary Court of Rome ELIGO eVoting offers technological precautions suitable to offer the greatest guarantees of confidentiality, secrecy and freedom of expression of the vote. All communication to the system is via cryptographic protocol and at the infrastructural level ELIGO is protected by dual logical and physical firewalls of the latest generation.

The system is also periodically subjected to Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test by qualified market players. The platform complies with all regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation provided by the European Union. The highest quality standards are guaranteed by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. The Cloud Service Provider is qualified compliant with ISO/IEC27001 and ISO9001 certifications and EU Regulation 2016/679. In addition, ELIGO eVoting is present on the AGID marketplace.

What ELIGO votes/variants.



  • Participatory Budget Votes
  • Elections of Neighborhood Councils
  • Referendum
  • Consultations



  • City Council votes.
  • Budget Approvals
  • Approval of Agenda Items