Electronic and online voting for University.

Many universities need Accelerate the process of creating and setting up online, in-person or hybrid voting To:

  • Election of the Rector
  • Elections of student representatives to the Academic Senate, Board of Trustees, Evaluation Board and Student Council
  • Election of student representatives to the Academic Senate, the Board of Trustees and the Evaluation Board
  • Elections of representatives to the Academic Senate of department heads, faculty and technical-administrative staff


With the electronic and online voting system of ELIGO, your University innovates by giving students and off-site, departments and professors the ability to manage assembly and statutory voting dynamics in full compliance with security, privacy and secrecy. The all-in-one, web-based ELIGO platform, used by 75 percent of Italian universities, incentivizes voting participation and e-democracy in universities through its simplicity and ease of use.

The benefits obtained.


The Portal: an electronic and online voting solution designed specifically for universities


Designed to fit perfectly with the organizational structure and needs of universities, the Portal University is the variant of the ELIGO platform developed specifically for the dematerialization of periodic student voting and elections, and all other voting provided for in university statutes and regulations.


Dematerialization, innovation and transparency in universities: a priority


The University Portal responds to the growing needs of Italian universities to innovate, dematerialize internal processes and give a strong message of transparent administration and participation.
ELIGO is the platform through which the Universities can digitize voting operations, significantly increase the involvement of students, professors and staff, and at the same time drastically reduce the living costs and organizational time of set-up and polling, immediate to close voting.



Organization of the University Portal


The Portal is structured in multiple areas so that the Team of our specialists can manage the entire election cycle of student voting, in synergy with the election commissions. Sub-areas under the responsibility of individual structures of the University can also be configured. Each of these can manage its own internal voting and elections completely independently. Individual Departments, Faculty and School Steering Committees, etc. have a simple and intuitive interface that enables the creation and management of various votes. The relevant Office has a single centralized interface for monitoring all the voting taking place in the Organization.

What ELIGO votes/variants.



  • Voting for the Academic Senate
  • Committees
  • Departments
  • Schools
  • Course of Study Councils
  • RSU/RLS voting



  • Departmental assemblies