ELIGO's Commitment to the Environment and the Social.

What Sustainability Means for ELIGO eVoting.

Sustainable Development

Digitizing participatory governance, decision-making and voting processes is our innovation strategy that integrates competitiveness and sustainability. ELIGO's future, in fact, is not played on economic transaction and business technicalities, but is tuned to sustainable development and a sustainable-by-design economy.

For this reason, we are designing and co-creating virtuous and circular green and social practices. In this global and shared design, we aim to create and manage products and services responsibly. An ambitious goal that characterizes our daily life, guides our choice of suppliers and partners, and aims to encompass all the activities of our reality along the entire value chain.

Reducing the impact in daily life

We decided to be a distributed company, doing without the office, even before the pandemic. The choice to work in smart, remote working or, for those who wish, in coworking spaces, is part of building a sustainability path made of concrete actions. The "virtualization" of the office brings several benefits, including the reduction of pollution produced by travel to and from the workplace and the consumption associated with the daily use of a physical space.

Confirming this hypothesis, a team of scientists and researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona determined-through a mathematical model integrated with data collected during last year's lockdown-that four days of smart working per week would cut traffic emissions by 15 percent and dangerous nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions by 10 percent.

So there are endemic aspects of smart/remote working that make it sustainable, but to puUnion Representation Electionse even greener goals, we strive every day to spread the culture of sustainability, suggesting best practices to the Team to improve the level of compliance.

Supply chain and sustainable supply chain

With widespread awareness regarding climate change and environmental emergency, more and more consumers are directing their choices toward sustainable goods, products and services.

As the orientation is toward increasingly responsible consumption and eco-friendly policies, the concept of sustainability transcends the corporate perimeter and spans the entire supply chain and its value chain.

Operating ethically, we actively seek business, partnership and supply opportunities that promote and enforce the same high standards. Here are some examples of virtuous choices to date:

Cloud Green

Since ELIGO is a cloud-based system, we opted for Aruba's cloud precisely because it supports green IT strategies and finds the roots of its sustainability in data center infrastructure.

Carbon-Neutral Votes and Assemblies with Up2You:

By partnering with Up2You, a B corp company specializing in green missions, we zero out the impact of deliberative and elective votes and assemblies.

Eco-friendly election events:

With partner Digital Sustainability, a brand of De Simoni Professional Division, election events, whether digital or hybrid, guarantee a dramatic reduction in carbon footprint.

As reflected in the selection of partners and suppliers, ELIGO's sustainable development is thus closely linked to the creation of a valuable supply chain.

Carbon Neutral voting and assemblies

Stakeholder Engagement

We believe that there can be no sustainability without the involvement of internal and external stakeholders. Therefore, we invite our clients to invest with us in a sustainable and resilient future by offsetting and neutralizing their electoral events.

Those who decide to join the "Carbon Neutral Voting and Assemblies" initiative designed in collaboration with Up2You, have the opportunity to reduce and zero the CO₂ emissions produced by voting or assembly by choosing to support projects certified according to international VCS - Verified Carbon Standard parameters.

VCS projects are constantly subject to desk audits and are verified in the field by qualified independent third parties and Verra staff. Emissions offsets are always traceable through blockchain technology. With active participation, we generate shared value and jointly support a sustainability-first approach.

Inclusion and accessibility of eVoting system

Inclusion is a strategic driver for ELIGO, on different levels. In the area of recruiting and Team training, for example, supporting diversity and inclusion is an opportunity for the company to capitalize on the value in each of us and helps create a peaceful, productive and stimulating work environment.

Diversity & Inclusion are therefore a positive driver of change for ELIGO and the engine of innovation that drives us to adopt ethical recruitment processes, evaluating and recruiting talent based on a single criterion: merit.

But the focus on inclusion extends beyond recruiting and also invests in product design.
By definition, a digital product is accessible if its features and content are usable by all: in short, equal opportunities and rights to use and experience.

The concept is even more heartfelt at ELIGO, as every individual has the right to vote on equal terms. Therefore, our designers and developers are conducting analysis and research to put accessibility at the center of user-centered design, with the goal of making eVoting and iVoting digital democratic solutions.

The goal, therefore, is to continue to develop a universal and inclusive eVoting tool according to the WCAG 2 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines standards, which are the guidelines set forth by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), part of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which establishes a set of recommendations for the accessibility of Web platforms.