The savings for the municipality and respect for the digital rights of the citizen

Savings for the municipality and PA digitization

ELIGO eVoting and EasyStaff present their solutions as part of the digitization processes of municipalities for a more efficient public administration closer to the needs of its citizens:


  • ELIGO eVoting is the electronic and online voting platform already used by hundreds of Italian municipalities for the management of votes and assemblies such as municipal councils, Participatory Budgeting, Neighborhood Councils, etc. to encourage citizen turnout and involvement with a view to inclusiveness and transparency.


  • EasyPlanning by EasyStaff is the web-based solution for online booking of scheduled services and Municipal resources that overcomes the old concept of telephone appointments, ensuring that Citizens can book the appointment from the web. There are already many Municipal entities that have chosen EasyPlanning for managing appointments at counters (Registry Office, Building Desk, etc.) and access to Municipal resources (access to the Library, access to the Municipal Pool, etc.).


In this Webinar you will discover how ELIGO's digital solutions eVoting and EasyPlanning accelerate your municipality's innovation and improve interaction with citizens.

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Irene Pugliatti - Head of Business Development at ELIGO eVoting


Gloria Gaggio - EasyPlanning Product Manager, EasyStaff