Electronic and online voting for religious orders and institutes

Digital transformation is an ongoing process among religious orders and institutes, which, by opting for electronic and online voting, are showing a strong future orientation and openness to new technologies.

Case History of CEI - Italian Episcopal Conference

Turnout, participation and transparency

The use of new digital participatory models by religious Orders and Institutes is a strong signal of innovation and transparent administration. Adopting electronic and online voting for Resolutions, Councils, Assemblies, Elections, Appointments etc., provided for by Statutes and Regulations, means incentivizing the participation and involvement of its national and international community, which can cast its vote from any place and device.

Simplification of electoral organization

To break down any level of complexity, ELIGO enables Religious Orders to design, even without technical expertise, any online, hybrid, or in-person election event in a few simple steps, offering organizers and voters a relaxed experience with full compliance with the law, security, and transparency.

The solution is in fact a faithful reproduction in a digital key of the traditional voting experience, and this makes it possible to simplify the management and set-up of elections, with significant savings in terms of time, budget and resources involved. Thanks to the digitization of the entire process, therefore, the advantages are tangible and concrete, and among them the possibility of configuring one's voting area in just a few clicks, having automatic and immediate ballots, and following the progress of the electoral event in real time.

Security and Confidentiality of Voting

ELIGO eVoting guarantees the secrecy of voting. Upon vote entry, whether online voting or voting at the polling place, the two vote and voter information are immediately split and saved in two separate areas. Any logical, physical, or temporal correlation is permanently lost upon entry into the digital ballot box. ELIGO digitally reproduces the act of inserting a paper ballot into a ballot box making any correlation between the vote cast and the voter unreconstructible. On the other hand, security is guaranteed by a cryptographic protocol at every level, from the infrastructure to the database, ensuring the unalterability of the votes cast before the start of polling operations.

Electronic and online voting in compliance with GDPR regulations

The ELIGO platform is compliant with all the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation provided by the European Union, thanks to a standard format compliant with the new directives. The Cloud Service Provider is qualified compliant with ISO/IEC27001 and ISO9001 certifications and EU Regulation 2016/679. The data is managed in ELIGO only and exclusively for the electronic voting needs of the entity itself and the proper functioning of the platform (secure user identification or technical cookies). In any case, the data will never be used for other purposes. The data will be processed only and exclusively for the contractually stipulated period and for the sole purpose of activities concerning voting. In any case:

  • data will never be exposed in the clear
  • data will never be duplicated or transferred to third parties
  • data will never be transferred out of Italy