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With Eligo, the way of voting changes

The Eligo voting platform is designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and sectors that want to streamline and optimize the management of their elections and assemblies. The solution is flexible and reliable and simplifies voting operations, promoting democratic participation.

Election modes

Digital voting for every election event

Eligo makes it possible to digitally manage elections, voting and assemblies in different contexts and in different ways, ensuring a secure and efficient voting process in all circumstances.

remote event

Eligible voters log on to the voting area, with the ability to vote wherever they are and from any internet-connected device: PC, Smartphone, Tablet

Eligible voters can vote online-if unable to travel to the event location-or in-person with their own devices or from the voting stations provided.

Voters can access the voting area from personal devices-PCs, Smartphones, Tablets-or from prearranged locations with internet-connected devices.

Pillar of development

Integrity of voting processes


Advanced encryption technologies to ensure maximum confidentiality. Each vote and the voter's information is immediately separated and maintained in completely isolated areas so as to ensure anonymity. The voting system undergoes rigorous periodic security testing.


We follow Data protection principles and a standard compliance format that ensures compliance with privacy regulations. Voter data is never exposed in the clear, nor is it ever duplicated or shared with third parties, with the assurance of secure and legal management of personal information. 


Eligo is verified by the Privacy Guarantor and takes robust technical measures to prevent any misuse of voting. We offer maximum guarantees of confidentiality, secrecy and freedom of vote expression.


Eligo connects to various video conferencing and streaming systems for a seamless voting process.

An answer for every question

Voters receive access credentials to the Voting Area via e-mail - sent by their organization - so they can vote from any device or voting booths that may be set up. Within the Voting Area, the voter selects his or her preference, confirms it, and registers it permanently.

Eligo data and services are in the cloud at a European datacenter and are further protected by exclusive access. Data transmission is over HTTPS secure protocol stored in encrypted form for the duration necessary to conduct voting.

Eligo can be used by any public and private organization of any type, size, sector. Our customers include Associations, Corporations, Universities, Cooperatives, Funds and Banks, Schools, Cooperative Credit Banks, Religious Orders, Foundations, Consortia.

Upon ballot entry, the two pieces of ballot and voter information are immediately split and saved in two separate areas. Any logical, physical or temporal correlation is permanently lost upon entry into the digital ballot box. Eligo digitally reproduces the act of inserting a paper ballot into a ballot box making any correlation between the vote cast and the voter unreconstructible.