ELIGO Voting

Simple and secure online voting platform to run every kind of votes. The system allows you to digitally manage online, in-person or hybrid elections in just a few clicks.
Electronic and online voting is easier and safer with ELIGO

In a world where digitization is having an increasing impact on every aspect of daily life and where there is no escaping the digital transformation, why should the voting process remain stuck with pen and paper and show of hands? Digital voting is a fast-growing trend in every reality and is set to become the norm for voting and assemblies of the future.

The process of Internet Voting

Before voting opens, the system automatically sends voters credentials and a link to access the voting area. Eligible voters can log into the system from smartphones, tablets and PCs, express their preference, and confirm and register their choice.

Area administrators can set up voting in a few steps, which can remain open for several days. When voting is open, the progress of the ballot can be monitored in real-time. Once the ballot is closed, the automatic, digitally signed, and time-stamped ballot, thus legally valid and unchangeable, is available after a few seconds.

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Authentication of voters

Simple authentication (username and password)

The system generates and sends each voter an e-mail containing online voting information, with credentials and a link to log in. Passwords are encrypted by the system, unique and visible in plain text only to the voter. Any regenerations of credentials invalidate previous credentials and double voting is always prevented.

Instead, the Username is chosen by the organization, using a unique code associated with each voter.

Strong Authentication with SMS

Strong Authentication increases the security of the identification process. After entering the username and password to access the voting area, the voter is sent a temporary code via SMS to complete access. The voter is also shown in plain text the cell phone number to which the code was sent, and receipt is within seconds.

The ELIGO system prevents the use of the same cell phone number for more than one voter. If the organizer deems it necessary, it is also possible to allow the voter himself or herself to enter the cell phone number by conducting any follow-up checks.

Authentication with self-declaration of notoriety

To ensure the unassailability of the voting system, after the other two identification steps, ELIGO requires the voter to upload an ID and mandatory consent. The voter confirms in a form equated to private writing his or her identity and that his or her expression of the vote is being exercised in a manner consistent with the regulations. The identity documents can then be verified by the Election Commission.

QR Code with ELIGO electronic and online voting

Access via QR Code

The QR Code module enables easy management of voter access operations in mixed or in-person-only events. The generated QR Code incorporates an encrypted username and password and once scanned allows the voter to directly access the voting area without entering credentials.

Customize your digital elections according to your needs

ELIGO allows people to customize their voting with additional forms, remaining compliant with statutes and privacy regulations and thus enhancing the voting experience.

The solution allows online voting credentials to be delivered to participants at electronic polling stations (regular PCs) either via e-mail, text message, or printed. It allows face-to-face identification while maintaining all other advantages of internet voting. In addition, it allows voting enablement directly at the polling station for Congresses/Assemblies.

The module allows for simple and comprehensive management of the nomination collection process. For both nominating users and those who must approve nominations, the module facilitates a critical step during the election setup. Learn more.

With particular reference to the encryption of electronic votes cast by voters, ELIGO now has useful features for applying an asymmetric key (dual-key) RSA encryption algorithm to votes, which have already been anonymized. It is expected that during the set-up of the ELIGO voting system, it will specify how the keys (public and private) for encryption should be managed to encrypt incoming online votes and decrypt them in the ballot phase.

The identification of the eligible voter is two-factor with double sending of credentials: sending credential pair (user and password) plus sending single-use code via SMS (Token) to each participant.

Identification requires the eligible voter to authenticate to the system using a username and password. After validation, PIN entry (authentication) is required.

The Weighted Voting solution enables the assignment of "weights" to participants' online votes. When uploading the master data for a vote in ELIGO, numerical values quantifying the relative weight of the vote cast are indicated in addition to the voter's identification data. When voting, each preference expressed will also be associated with the relative weight of the voter.

Weighted voting is treated in ELIGO in the same way as the voting expression. A numerical value is associated with the voter. Upon submission of the vote, the weight "multiplies" the vote into equal parts, encrypted and placed in the ballot box of the chosen candidate. At the same time, the vote/voter split certified by ELIGO takes place. The platform also does not provide vote partials, and in the end, only the total vote weights taken by the various candidates will result, making it effectively impossible to trace back to the voter. Instead, the voter's information ends up in the voter register.

With the customized "How to Vote" video, you have a communication tool to inform your members about the new electronic voting method; for example, by posting the video on your website, or posting it on your social channels. This is a very effective way to maximize turnout and get a great result from your e-voting project. Customized for your online voting, the video is about 40-50 seconds in length and explains in a simple way the basic steps for accessing your personal voting area and directions on how to cast your electronic ballot.

Enables timely and accurate management of electronic voting by proxy, if required by your Bylaws or Rules. Proxies are uploaded to the system before or during the vote itself allowing the proxy to vote for and on behalf of the delegating party.

With ELIGO PRO you start a real online voting project. You get a project start-up consultation so you can discuss your needs with our Election Managers. In addition, you have premium support that allows you to call on a dedicated line if you have special needs for immediate resolution. An all-around package for a professional online voting service.


Online and in-person


with personal devices


with voting stations

Sending Credentials to all voters in the manner requested by the client.

All voters are eligible to vote.

Identification of voters going to the polling station (if required).

Support in accessing the system of voters going to the polling station.

Voting through the ELIGO platform both online and at the polling station for those who go there.

Sending Credentials to all voters in the manner requested by the client.

All voters are disabled and cannot access the platform until enabled and voting is opened at the polling station.

Identification and enablement of voters going to the polling station.

Voting via the ELIGO platform with voters' personal devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones) connected to the Internet.

All voters are disabled and cannot access the platform until voting is opened at the polling station.

Identification and credential printing at the polling station.

Assignment of the voter to a voting station.

Voting through the ELIGO platform with voting stations.

Lawfulness, Privacy, Security and Compliance always come first

ELIGO has been validated by the Court of Rome and the Privacy Guarantor. It complies with the strictest certification standards in data processing and software quality and boasts a team of professionals who are constantly engaged in upgrading our infrastructure.

Relationships and consulting, not just product

Since 2005 we have been managing any type of online, in-person and hybrid voting each with a different set of election rules and bylaws. Before each project we offer a free consultation to your organization with the goal of analyzing, defining and structuring votes according to different needs.

Real support and always by your side

We follow a customer-centric model, cultivating a culture of customer service, advice and support that anticipates the needs of thousands of organizations. In such a sensitive area, it is not enough to be a supplier of a product, but to know every single aspect of voting and assemblies - from process to bylaws - to offer a multidisciplinary, timely, problem-solving consulting approach, ensuring operational excellence in eVoting.