Electronic and Online Voting for Schools

From school board member elections to school and non-school staff elections. ELIGO eVoting tracks more than 1,000 institutions that have digitally managed voting and school assemblies. 

ELIGO electronic and online voting for Schools.

Electronic and online voting contributes to making Schools a place of participation, dialogue and democracy. ELIGO eVoting designed specifically for all voting in School Institutions, such as elections of school and class representatives, enables transparent, fast, simple and compliant management of statutory elective commitments in terms of Security and Privacy.

Compared with systems currently in use, the ELIGO solution gives faculty, administrative staff, parents and students the ability to access the voting area from any device, obtain legally valid results and plan different types of voting in a few simple steps, even without technical skills.

Come funziona?

ELIGO si integra con ClasseViva di Spaggiari per semplificare e snellire il lavoro del personale scolastico, attraverso la dematerializzazione di votazioni e assemblee. Il processo di voto diventa così più semplice e immediato.

Why ELIGO eVoting in Schools.

  • It has legal value
  • Simplifies the preparatory election process and voting operations, making them smooth and fast
  • Significantly increases attendance and participation
  • Ensures high security standards and is GDPR compliant
  • With a centralized control and management station, time and budget are drastically reduced
  • You can vote in full-remote, presence or hybrid form
  • Minimizes human error with automatic, legally valid and unchangeable ballots, preventing the possibility of void or questionable ballots
  • Eliminates paper and contributes to significant CO2 savings produced by traditional voting systems

The new school: from DAD to online school voting

The success stories