Online voting and electronic voting for Companies

Digitization of voting operations within companies enables dedicated staff to nimbly manage all phases of voting and assemblies. And for all employees to flexibly exercise their right to vote. All with the approval of the unions.

ELIGO electronic and online voting for Companies

Companies and corporations can cover any electoral event, such as elections for Union Representation Elections and Health and Safety Representative Electionswith a secure, legal, and Privacy Guarantor and Court of Rome validated electronic and online voting solution.

ELIGO eVoting digitally mimics the entire process of setting up a ballot: from the management of eligible voters, to integration with videoconferencing tools, to proxy management and real-time automatic ballots.

Compared with traditional systems, Companies and Corporations can:

  • Simplify the process by making it smooth and fast;
  • significantly increase turnout and participation, actually reaching a quorum;
  • Dramatically reduce setup time through centralized management and immediate results (thus avoiding manual perusal);
  • Cut costs by avoiding travel, commuting and postage costs;
  • Ensure transparency and remote voting by seeing the progress of the vote in real-time.

ELIGO eVoting Webinar for Companies and Union Representation Electionss.

Why Companies Use Electronic and Online Voting

Digital for Employees

Digitizing the election process allows companies and corporations of all sizes to set up online, in-person and hybrid voting and assemblies in just a few clicks, cutting management time and costs in half. Digitizing voting operations, also means allowing employees to vote from any location and device.

Vote Security: Security, Privacy and GDPR Compliance

The ELIGO system guarantees high standards of security and absolute secrecy of voting. This is guaranteed by the technical features of the platform and the established procedures adopted by our specialists. The system and electronic voting service are provided on a secure cloud. The system fits perfectly with corporate Security Policies: VPN, SSO Integrations, Penetration Testing, etc.

Simplicity and control

Within the personal area, voting and assemblies can be set up in self-use or by one of our specialists, depending on one's needs and in adherence to various election regulations. Regardless of the type of voting (for lists, candidates or on proposal) the voting process is simple, intuitive even for people who are not very digitally inclined. A single control station with centralized management of each vote and assembly also ensures a sharp cut in time and budget.

The success stories