Creators and practitioners of electronic voting

ELIGO, Italy's first electronic and online voting platform, is born.
Development of the first fully Full SaaS version of ELIGO.
New IT structure and abandonment of legacy systems.
A dedicated solution for universities:
ELIGO University Portal.
ELIGO Assembly for complete management of assembly events.
ELIGO NEXT, the future of voting systems.
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We are keen observers of an increasingly demanding and technologically savvy public, and we are headed toward a long-term future where digitization will be a central aspect of representative democracy.

The combination of vision and technological-functional know-how resulted in the development in 2005 of ELIGO, Italy's first secure and legal digital voting platform, which has now evolved into a complete eVoting and iVoting system that has established itself as a national market standard.

If your goal is also to find new technologies and tools that enable direct, participatory, transparent, agile, and digital democracy--let's talk about it.

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Team and corporate culture

We are a multidisciplinary, dynamic and ambitious team that shares a goal: to offer organizations a unique eVoting experience. We have diverse histories, experiences, and skills that we know how to combine harmoniously to confront and reason about technological futures in eVoting and digital democracy.

People at the center

Supporting Diversity & Inclusion represents an opportunity to capitalize on the value in each of us and contributes to a peaceful, productive and inclusive work environment. Diversity & Inclusion are for us a positive driver of change and the engine of innovation that drives us to implement ethical recruitment processes, evaluating and recruiting talent based on a single criterion: merit.

The future of e-democracy starts with Talents