Online voting for Confindustria and Associate

With an intuitive interface and a specially designed feature set, Confindustria and Associates use ELIGO to manage any assembly and voting process while lowering costs and any complexity.

ELIGO eVoting is a Partner of Confindustria and RetIndustria

Electronic and online voting for Confindustrial Elections

ELIGO eVoting has developed a specific solution for all the assembly and voting dynamics of Confindustria, after a thorough analysis of Statutes and Electoral Regulations that allow to streamline and digitize all voting and assembly operations, making their management agile, simple and fast.

Thanks to a set of technical and logical features of ELIGO eVoting, Confindustrial realities can manage:

  • Weight transfers, guests and substitutes;
  • Proclamation/projection of results according to the dictates of regulations;
  • different categories of voters;
  • Corporate groups, aggregate members, address groups;
  • Internal and external delegations;
  • concurrent assembly councils or territorial assemblies.

Why Confindustria uses electronic and online voting

Reduction of time and resources

Transparent governance and increased participation

Confidentiality of the vote

Compliance with regulations

Total control by the Election Commissions

Ability to vote remotely, in hybrid form, or at polling stations

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