Electronic and online voting by university

Used by 120 Universities worldwide and designed to adapt to the organizational structure and needs of Universities, ELIGO eVoting is the simple, secure and flexible platform to digitally manage voting for Students, Departments and all Faculties. In self-use or with the support of Election Managers.


Change the voting experience at your University

With ELIGO's electronic and online voting system, the Universities enable students and off-site, departments, and professors to efficiently and flexibly manage assembly and statutory voting dynamics in accordance with the law while fully respecting security, privacy, and secrecy.

Online, in-person and hybrid elections with digital vote

University elections

Election of the Rector

Student representatives

Teacher Representatives

ELIGO electronic and online voting for universities

Voting for the Academic Senate

Representatives of the Departments

Departmental assemblies

Secure, efficient and flexible elections with digital voting

ELIGO offers a number of additional features to make voting operations even more agile and faster.

Presentation of Lists and Candidates 

Student election list and candidate submission form with automatic checks to comply with election regulations.

Integration with management systems

ELIGO imports data from university management systems to automate ballot setup.

Single Sign On

With Single sign on (SSO) integration, ELIGO allows users to authenticate and access the voting area using the University's unique credentials.

Calculation of the Seats

ELIGO allows the automatic calculation of seats to be allocated to lists based on the votes received. The calculation can be based on the D'Hondt Method or The Hare-Niemeyer Method.

Choosing ELIGO for the University Election.

Optimized management time, saving on living costs of voting, immediate ballots.

Manage everything digitally

From the submission of lists and candidates to automatic ballots, digitally manage all stages of creating and staging university elections from one all-in-one platform.

Customize as you like

Create your online, in-person or hybrid voting project according to your needs, halving the time, cost and resources involved.

Increases voter base engagement

Increase participation and turnout of faculty and students by allowing eligible voters to vote from any location and device connected to the Internet.

"As University we used ELIGO services for student representative elections with thousands of voters. We were 100% satisfied with the service, and the assistance was always friendly and helpful at all stages."


University of Enna "Kore"