Eligo Votazioni

Complete solution of
online voting

With the Eligo voting platform, you can vote wherever you are, from any device, and in total security.

Four simple steps

How easy it is to vote like this

Voters receive login credentials (username and password) and a link to access the voting area.

Voter access to the Voting Area can be through credentials, SPID and CIE, SSO (Single Sign On), QR code, Direct Link.

Within the Voting Area, the voters select their preference, confirm it, and register it permanently.

After the voting is closed, PDF results are available for the Voting Area Manager to download from the drop-down menu.

Why choose Eligo

Un sistema di voto completo

Eligo is a leading player in innovative and secure election technologies that facilitate voting in various contexts. The advanced and comprehensive voting platform provides an efficient, transparent, and regulatory-compliant experience.