ELIGO Portal

The ELIGO Portal is the ideal solution for territorially dispersed complex organizations and entities that allows for a dedicated instance for voting and multiple meetings, even simultaneously.

The Portal is one of ELIGO eVoting solution designed to fully adapt to complex and widespread organizations and their need to manage multiple elections even simultaneously.

The Portal makes it possible to digitize and speed up all internal processes, drastically reduce out-of-pocket costs and organizational set-up time within a single interface controlled by the organization.

The Portal is structured in multiple areas so that the election cycle of different votes can also be managed simultaneously.

In fact, sub-areas of responsibility are configured in the Portal for the organization's multiple structures. Each of these structures can independently manage its own internal voting and elections.

ELIGO Portal img

Each unit has a self-contained election area that is easy to use and configure, allowing it to create and manage its own votes. In turn, the relevant office-which serves as the super admin-has a single, centralized interface from which to monitor all voting taking place throughout the organization.

The Portal translates is a flexible tool, easily adaptable to the ubiquity of your organization with different features, multiple customizations and integrations at a single, fixed cost.