Electronic and online voting for Associations

More than 800 Associations have adopted ELIGO eVoting, finding significant time and budget savings in managing all voting operations and increased involvement of their members and subscribers in decision-making processes.

ELIGO electronic and online voting for Associations.

Involving members in the life of the Association, increasing their participation in the elections of management offices, in regular and special meetings, and in the approval of the budget, is now possible thanks to ELIGO eVoting. The cloud and web-based electronic and online voting platform allows Associations, nonprofits, Third Sector entities to conduct their statutory votes online, in-person or in hybrid form in a simple and immediate way, digitizing every step of the voting process.

ELIGO ensures that Associations comply with the Agenda, Proxies, Management of quorum, Chat, Management of speeches, Document exchange, Secret and open voting, Management of reports and minutes, through a single tool.

It is possible to set up any kind of voting and assembly and have eligible voters vote in total Security, Secrecy, in full compliance with Privacy Regulations.

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Why Associations, Third Sector Entities, and Nonprofits Use Electronic and Online Voting

Innovation and Engagement

Through electronic and online voting, associations streamline internal and external organizational processes and streamline voting procedures. Digitizing the set-up of voting and assemblies and the flexibility given to eligible voters to vote from any location and device encourage turnout and participation of the membership base and ensure smooth and high-engagement elections for all stakeholders involved.

Saving money and zero voting stress

With digital voting setup and management times are cut in half. Compared with traditional paper-based voting systems there is an 80 percent savings in out-of-pocket costs, and any level of complexity is cut down by reducing the man-hours usually involved in the entire management of voting and meetings.

One platform for all voting and statutory meetings

ELIGO is an all-in-one system that allows anyone, even without technical skills, to organize different types of elections in just a few clicks. In fact, within the personal area, System Administrators can set up and customize with a few commands votes held at the polling station, online or in hybrid form according to their needs.

Confidentiality of Voting and Privacy Guaranteed

The ELIGO system guarantees the Secrecy of the vote, the split between the vote and the voter, and meets all Privacy and Security standards, ensuring legally valid results and ballots and zeroing in on the possibility of void ballots and fraud.