Electronic and online voting for Funds and Funds

With the ELIGO platform, it is possible to conduct online, in-person or hybrid voting for Funds and Funds from a single platform and create an evoting project with high security specifications and full statutory and regulatory compliance.

The adoption of an electronic voting system by Funds and Funds represents a decisive step forward in terms of transparency; especially for those entities that want to encourage greater participation of their shareholders, that want to accelerate participatory decision-making processes and seek security and Privacy compliance in a digital voting system.

ELIGO eVoting, an all-in-one electronic and online voting platform, meets today's needs for transparency and timeliness in monitoring voting and calculating its results; for inclusiveness and broadening participation to all eligible voters; and for optimizing the time and cost of setting up and conducting statutory meetings and votes.

Benefits of electronic and online voting for Funds and Coffers

The use of new participatory schemes is a strong sign of innovation and a clear signal of transparent administration. Relying on a service with proven impartiality and high security is a strength for members. In addition, governance communicates that it knows how to stay current in the digital world.

Innovation is always a delicate transition and must be managed in small steps. That is why with ELIGO it is possible to set up both online and hybrid voting, as well as in-person at the polling station, all from a single platform.

Digitization usually involves a significant effort to the IT department. ELIGO is a web and cloud based system that does not require the use of additional plug-ins and does not affect the institution's IT Systems and Services.

In terms of cybersecurity, customized solutions can be provided considering the needs of individual entities in terms of infrastructure and operations. For example, ELIGO's guaranteed security can be strengthened by implementing a structure accessible only via VPN or a particular cloud configuration. Dedicated Penetration Tests and analysis by forensic experts can be provided. The platform technology, validated by certified third-party entities, guarantees absolute compliance with all regulations and Privacy standards.

What Funds and Funds Vote For

Types of votes and assemblies

Institutional offices (President, Arbitrators, Auditors, etc.)

Boards of directors Cd

Governing bodies

Board Meetings.

Statutory voting in the assembly

Budget approvals, financial statements

Periodic advice