Electronic and online voting for Cooperatives

Digital voting incentivizes active member participation and allows for in-person, online, or hybrid voting and meetings to be organized and customized. Even the most complex ones.

ELIGO electronic and online voting for cooperatives

For an effective technological leap and digital transition, ELIGO eVoting offers Cooperatives a digital voting solution that enables broad user participation, overcoming physical and geographical limitations with obvious savings in time, budget and resources.

With the ELIGO system, Cooperatives are able to organize and manage with agility and in just a few steps statutory, online, hybrid, or in-person voting and meetings, budget and financial statement approvals, and approval of Agenda Items (agendas).

All of this is accomplished through a computerization of the election process that digitally reproduces all the features of the classic voting experience, in full compliance with the industry's high standards of Security and Privacy.

Average turnout and participation rate in Cooperatives with electronic and online voting rises to 82.4 percent

More democracy, more transparency with electronic and online voting

Member participation in decision-making and representative elections is the fundamental basis of the Cooperative. Increased member involvement in decision-making processes encourages participatory and direct democracy. The adoption of an electronic and online voting platform that increases, through the flexibility of voting offered, turnout and thus represents a choice of inclusiveness and provides participatory and transparent governance.

Voting secrecy and privacy management with GDPR compliance

The ELIGO system has all technological precautions to ensure the highest standards of Privacy and Security, which are also constantly validated by certified third-party entities. All communication to the system is via cryptographic protocol and at the infrastructure level ELIGO is protected by dual logical and physical firewalls. In addition, the platform is compliant with all General Data Protection Regulation standards provided by the European Union, thanks to a standard format compliant with the new directives.

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