Angelini Pharma

In the full outsourcing project, the ELIGO Team joined us at every stage of the RSU election setup, thus ensuring continuous support at all levels.
Lidia Arigliani
Angelini Pharma

The staging of the elections for RSUs, especially in complex organizational settings, involves a significant expenditure of human resources and costs.

For this reason, it is becoming increasingly topical for various entities to seek innovative tools and platforms that simplify, by digitizing them, voting processes and that enable online voting while ensuring full compliance with the law and privacy.

Among them, the pharmaceutical company adopted ELIGO for internal elections dedicated to the renewal of RSUs, finding immediate benefits in terms of time, budget and increased participation.

This is told by Lidia Arigliani - Scientific Informant of the Angelini Group - in this video testimonial where she shares her experience of voting with ELIGO with a turnkey project.