eVoting for RSU elections: an innovative and effective combination

RSU Elections, Unitary Trade Union Representation, represent a moment of democracy within companies, where employees can run for office and vote for RSU committee members, regardless of union membership. The use of online voting offers numerous advantages: simplifying the organization of elections, increasing participation due to the flexibility of voting from any location and device, significant savings in terms of time and budget, and ensuring privacy, security, and GDPR compliance.

What are Union Representation Elections Elections and why they represent a moment of Democracy

The Union Representation Elections(United Trade Union Representative) is a union body found in every workplace, and its members are not officials of a union, but workers whose specific task is to protect the interests of their peers.

Union Representation Elections Elections constitute a moment of democracy within every company in the public or private sector, since any employee who is a member or nonmember of a union can both run for office and be elected and vote for those who will be members of the Union Representation Elections for the next term. Employees thus have the opportunity to express their consent to those who, as candidates and elected, will have the honor and burden of belonging to this committee.

The Union Representation Elections committee, in fact, is formed through elections. The relevant legislation regulates the election procedures, which is valid if at least 50% +1 of the voters participate in the vote; otherwise the Union Representation Elections is not constituted and new elections must be called. The members of the Union Representation Elections are elected on lists submitted by the union, but may also be non-members of that union.

The advantages of online voting for Union Representation Elections elections

There is no denying that the cost of electing these figures weighs heavily on companies in several respects: elections, in fact, disrupt work processes at every level and involve the creation of numerous polling stations located according to different needs.

With numerous locations or traveling employees, the time and budget impact of organizing elections grows exponentially. This is why eVoting is the ideal choice for simplifying ballot management and setup.

Telematic voting also offers different participatory models: it can be carried out in complete mobility, thus giving all employees the opportunity to participate in voting remotely, in any location, at home or away and from any device, voting easily and in total autonomy from their smartphone, tablet or PC.

As a result, the digitization of the voting process will completely untether the voting period from normal polling station opening hours. The result will be a significant increase in employee turnout and participation in company elections due to the elimination of all issues related to moving them and a drastic reduction in preparation and management time.

Finally, an additional benefit ofeVoting is the guaranteed privacy and security provided by established technologies and procedures.

With the right eVoting system, anything is possible

"Online voting has succeeded in delivering the participation, transparency, efficiency and savings we expected. Compared to previous elections, voters increased by 46 percent while the overall cost of election operations was lowered by 85 percent." - Felice Damiano Torricelli - President ENPAP - Ente Nazionale di Previdenza ed Assistenza per gli Psicologi (National Pension and Assistance Board for Psychologists)

Innovate your election event management with Evoting

Align with the most advanced world and create a digital, relaxed and stress-free experience with a system developed with great attention to cybersecurity and compliance with democratic and regulatory principles.

Eligo covers all "pure" voting requirements under the Regulations and Statutes and guarantees integrity, authenticity and security of voting expressions.

Manage Union Representation Elections Elections from a Single Platform

Set up your digital polling station with a simple and intuitive platform design that can be managed even without technical skills.

To prepare your online ballot, the steps are few and clear:

  • Create the election event
  • Indicates voting information
  • Enter candidates and lists
  • Upload list of voters
  • Profiles election commissions
  • Close the vote and get the ballot in real-time

eVoting for RSU elections: an innovative and effective combination

  • Simplifies the process by making it smooth and fast
  • Significantly increases attendance and participation
  • Garantisce alti standard di sicurezza ed è GDPR compliant
  • With a centralized control and management station, time and budget are drastically reduced
  • Minimizes human error with automatic, immediate and unchangeable ballots, preventing the possibility of void or questionable ballots

Increase direct participation. Take a step toward digital democracy

With a fully responsive platform, you dramatically increase your voting participation, improving your stakeholders' engagement and opinion with a choice of transparency and innovation.

Choose the right license model for you

The Eligo eVoting system is usable in Self-managed or Full-outsourcing. You can then opt for a self-managed platform or a turnkey service. Whether you choose a self-managed or full-outsourcing model, we still follow our clients' journey through a multidisciplinary consulting approach to ensure operational excellence in eVoting.

The entire process can be managed independently or with the support of a team of specialists who will work in synergy with your reality, lowering any level of complexity.

Start your free trial and see how easy it is to organize your online voting.

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