Eligo Assemblea

Vote in the assembly

Meeting & Voting's solution for in-person, virtual or hybrid assemblies.

How it works

Voting in the assembly: 4 simple steps

Those eligible receive credentials and a link to access the assembly.

During the meeting, a notification sound alerts participants that 'voting is open, and voting can begin on the items on the agenda.

In the assembly you confirm your choice and register your vote.

With voting on the agenda items concluded, the Managers can show the results in real time to participants.


Straight to App: Eligo is in the Teams and Webex Marketplace

Eligo is also available as a voting app in both Cisco's Webex and Microsoft's Teams to provide organizations of all types and sizes with an integrated voting experience. It helps manage meaningful live voting during meetings and assemblies in just a few clicks.

Why choose Eligo Assembly

Integrated Meeting and Voting Management

Eligo Assembly is a comprehensive solution for integrated meeting and voting management. Combining efficiency and security, we offer users a single intuitive and versatile platform for conducting assemblies, voting and decision-making in a transparent and compliant manner.