How to vote with ELIGO

Methods of voting.

ELIGO eVoting adapts to your organization's election needs by offering an electronic and online voting platform that is easy to use, secure, privacy-compliant and legally valid.

How do you vote?

What are the voting arrangements secured by ELIGO:

Voting completely remotely
Polling station manned
In-person voting with de visu authentication
Online + in-person/mail ballot
Consultation/Participatory Budgeting.
Registration form

Online identification processes in ELIGO.

Simple authentication (username and password)


The system generates and sends each voter an e-mail containing online voting information, with credentials and a link to log in. Passwords are encrypted by the system, unique and visible in plain text only to the voter. Any regenerations of credentials invalidate previous credentials and double voting is always prevented.

Instead, the Username is chosen by the organization, using a unique code associated with each voter.

Strong Authentication with SMS


Strong Authentication increases the security of the identification process. After entering the username and password to access the voting area, the voter is sent a temporary code via SMS to complete access. The voter is also shown in plain text the cell phone number to which the code was sent, and receipt is within seconds.

Any incorrect cell phone numbers can be corrected, even when voting is open, by the Election Committee or the Administrator with a simple command.

The ELIGO system prevents the use of the same cell phone number for more than one voter. If the organizer deems it necessary, it is also possible to allow the voter himself or herself to enter the cell phone number by conducting any follow-up checks.

Authentication with self-declaration of notoriety


To ensure the unassailability of the voting system, after the other two identification steps, ELIGO requires the voter to upload an ID and mandatory consent. The voter confirms in a form equated to a private writing his or her identity and that his or her expression of vote is being exercised in a manner consistent with the regulations. The identity documents can then be verified by the Election Commission.

Integration with restricted areas


Integration with client restricted areas is a widely used process in various entities such as universities. The ELIGO system provides users with a simple and streamlined voting flow, as well as a familiar identification process, avoiding the delivery of additional credentials.

Custom authentication


In some cases, depending on the needs expressed by the organization, an ad hoc identification process can be requested. Each customization is rigorously studied, tested and verified together with the client to zero in on any level of complexity. We can create and manage custom solutions for each organization such as: identification through SPID, Tax Code, facial recognition and other access codes.