CCRS North of the BNL Group

Streamlined election process for CRAL assemblies.

CCRS North's voting challenge

In 2021, the BNL/BNP Paribas Group Workers' Cultural Recreational Club, known as CCRS Nord, was founded as a relatively new entity uniting the regions of northern Italy, from Liguria to Emilia-Romagna. Within the bylaws, there were annual votes to approve the budget, as well as extraordinary votes in case of changes in the bylaws or for the renewal of the Board of Directors, scheduled for 2025.

The main challenge faced by CCRS North was organizing these votes in a period marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. The obligation to maintain social distancing and restrictions on assemblies made it difficult to organize in-person assemblies, jeopardizing the democratic participation of association members. A solution was needed to enable legal remote voting, transparency and secrecy.

The solution

CCRS North solved its challenge through the implementation of the Eligo online voting platform. This choice was influenced by the existing collaboration between Eligo and the BNL/BNP Paribas Group in other areas, such as the pension fund and health fund. The use of Eligo was seen as a way to align with the Bank's choices and ensure transparency and secrecy in the voting processes.

The Eligo platform enabled members of the association to participate in voting remotely: the procedure was simplified and made accessible by sending notices to members with clear instructions and sending the budget. In addition, options were offered to ask questions and participate in discussions via email and chat during voting time, ensuring maximum clarity and member engagement. Despite the radical change from in-person meetings, the transition to using Eligo was well received without significant objections.


The implementation of Eligo as an online voting platform has produced remarkable results for CCRS North. With more than 160 members at the meeting digitally, attendance was significantly higher than at traditional in-person meetings. This contributed to more democratic voting and ensured that all members could participate in the decision-making process. Feedback from voters was extremely positive, with many praising the simplicity and speed of the process.

In addition, Eligo was found to be professional and reliable, ensuring the secrecy of voting and responding promptly to the needs of the association and its members. Eligo's certifications further strengthened confidence in the integrity of the process. In short, the adoption of Eligo proved to be a smart and effective choice for CCRS North, enhancing the democratic participation of its members, simplifying the voting process and ensuring legality, privacy and security. 

Participation 3 times higher: 160 eligible people involved
100% chance to participate in discussions via email and chat during voting hours
Process 5 times faster and easier

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