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It is the era of e-democracy and e-participation.

As a leading company in the electronic and online voting industry, active since 2005 and validated by the Court of Rome and the Privacy Guarantor, our vision is to shape the future of technologies and create easily accessible and inclusive tools and models aimed at increasing the participation of each individual as part of pathways to revitalize the sphere of confrontation and decision-making processes.

By working together, we can spread the value of e-democracy and e-participation and create a relationship that can generate mutual growth and a successful experience.

The forms of collaboration with ELIGO eVoting.

Our network of collaborators and partners is diverse and now counts distributors, i.e., those entities that have chosen to add an electronic and online voting platform to their portfolio of services and products, thus integrating eVoting and iVoting software as part of a broader existing offering; affiliates and signatories that recommend and promote ELIGO eVoting; and technology partners that have technically integrated their software solutions with our open and flexible online voting and assembly platform.

The Solution Partners with whom we collaborate are:

What ELIGO eVoting offers its Partners

l Solution Partners are companies that want to expand their services, acquire new customers, and retain existing customers. Our dedicated team provides partners with ongoing support and training on the platform to ensure continued growth.

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