Electronic and online voting for Associations and Federations

Digitizing a voting process: a new perspective for online, in-person or hybrid elections in associations and federations. Eligo offers organizers the tools to easily manage all voting operations, enhancing flexibility and participation.

Electronic and online voting for Associations and Federations_Eligo

Why Associations and Federations choose Online Voting.

Associations and federations find online voting a valuable ally in facilitating decision-making within their organizations. With Eligo eVoting, they can ensure a fast, secure and transparent voting experience for their members, promoting inclusion, increasing efficiency and strengthening internal democracy.

Type of election
What we can do for you

Elections of the Board of Directors

Voting for changes in bylaws or regulations

Annual or extraordinary general meetings

Election of delegates to congresses or conferences

Voting to approve budgets or financial decisions

Success story

Learn how Eligo solutions have enabled Associations and Federations like yours to revolutionize voting processes.

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Remote assembly with joint and disjointed proxies.