Electronic and online voting is easier and safer with ELIGO

Thousands of organizations of all sizes rely on the ELIGO eVoting platform to digitally manage online, in-person or hybrid voting and statutory meetings.
Electronic and online voting is easier and safer with ELIGO


A complete solution for voting and statutory meetings

An all-in-one, integrated cloud and web-based suite for digitally staging all types of online, in-person or hybrid voting and assembly.

ELIGO's products enable small and large public and private entities to digitize voting phases and operations by reducing set-up time, costs and resources related to the election event.

With ELIGO, every organization simplifies and speeds up the management of its elections.

All with the utmost respect for security, legality and protection of voter data.

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Electronic and online voting:
the process becomes simple and intuitive

Electronic and online voting: credential delivery

Voters receive access credentials to the voting area via e-mail in order to vote from their device or voting booths that may have been set up.

No specific type of device is required.

Track and monitor the entire crediting phase through a dedicated dashboard to have instant quorum calculation.

Electronic and online voting: access to voting area

Voter access to the Voting Area can be through:

- E-mail and Password

- Strong Authentication (SMS)

- Public Digital Identity System

- In person (voting at polling place)

- Custom Mode and SSO Integration

Electronic and online voting: vote confirmation

Within the Voting Area, the voters select their preference, confirm it, and register it permanently.

Before confirming and registering one's choice, it is possible to go back and change it if necessary. From the moment of registration the vote is irreversible.

Voting can be on proposal, on candidates, or on a list depending on how the organization plans.

Electronic and online voting: automatic ballots

After the voting is closed, it is possible for the Voting Area Manager to download the results from the drop-down menu:

- voting results, in digitally signed time-stamped PDF format;

- the voter register with the list of eligible voters and those who voted, in PDF format;

- the same information about the results and the voter register, in xlsx format (for possible processing);

- the register of voting ballots for possible manual recount.

Why ELIGO eVoting


The system is encrypted and guarantees secrecy, data confidentiality and anonymity of voting.

Ease of use

For both Voting Area Administrators and Voters, the platform is simple, intuitive and usable even without technical skills.


In addition to the product, there is a Team of Election Managers specialized in eVoting and iVoting processes and technologies.


ELIGO respects privacy compliance by transparently protecting and managing voter data.

Elections and Assemblies guaranteed by ELIGO


In-person elections within a physical polling station is managed digitally through ELIGO platform using voters' personal devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) or by setting up voting stations.


Voting is conducted using the ELIGO platform both online and at the physical polling station provided for those who participate in person.

Online / Full Remote

Online voting is conducted completely remotely ensuring that people can vote wherever they are and from any device.

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